A-Z Milano

An unconventional guide of Milan: 21 Keywords + 21 Images = 21 Postcards (From A to Z)
A-Z Milan: 21 postcards capturing the essence and the soul of Milan, from A to Z.
21 original photographs portray emblematic concepts chosen to sum up the spirit of metropolis.

A for Aperitivo , B for Balera, C for Calcio, D for Duomo, E for Espresso, F for Fretta, G for Grigio, H for Hobby, I for Idroscalo, L for Liberty, M for Moda, N for Navigli, O for Ossobuco, P for Pirellone, Q for Quarto Stato, R for Ringhiera, S for Sciura, T for Tram, U for Ultima Cena, V for Verde, Z for Zhejian

Each postcard is 10 x 16 cm size. On the back of each picture, some rhymes written by Ilaria Russo.

Photos by Federico Ciamei
Curated by Sara Guerrini
Design by 150UP
Rhymes by Ilaria Russo

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