Things I Learned from the Internet

Do you know how to tie a Victoria knot? Or how to make your hands dance the tutting dance? Do you know how to shoot free kicks like Roberto Carlos? No? Enter YouTube. The uber-popular video sharing site is populated by a bigger-than-enough share of unlikely masters promising to reveal the secrets to the craziest arts, such as that of conceiving twins (spoiler: you need to eat a lot of soybeans).

In "The Things That I Learned from the Internet" I gathered all the knowledge in obscure and often fundamental topics that I got after years spent on the weird part of YouTube, where nearly no man has browsed before.

How to solve Rubik's cube
How to shave under the shower
How to make an easy stink bomb
How to get in shape at home for free
How to make up to look as the perfect Barbie doll
How to tie a pefect Victoria knot
How to conceive twins naturally eating grapefruit and soy beans