A-Z Milano

An unconventional guide of Milan: 21 Keywords + 21 Images = 21 Postcards (From A to Z)

A-Z Milan: 21 postcards capturing the essence and the soul of Milan, from A to Z.

21 original photographs portray emblematic concepts chosen to sum up the spirit of metropolis.

A for Aperitivo , B for Balera, C for Calcio, D for Duomo, E for Espresso, F for Fretta, G for Grigio, H for Hobby, I for Idroscalo, L for Liberty, M for Moda, N for Navigli, O for Ossobuco, P for Pirellone, Q for Quarto Stato, R for Ringhiera, S for Sciura, T for Tram, U for Ultima Cena, V for Verde, Z for Zhejian

Each postcard is 10 x 16 cm size. On the back of each picture, some rhymes written by Ilaria Russo: they will make you laugh and dream, and please visit the wonderful and interactive website! www.azmilano.com

Photos by Federico Ciamei
Curated by Sara Guerrini
Design by 150UP
Rhymes by Ilaria Russo